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    Have clear direction about your financial future. Get a personalized plan to turn your finances around from certified credit experts. We have worked with people just like you, for more than 20 years and we are #1



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     Improve Credit Consulting Firm: The authoritative source of credit educational information, links, and social activity.                                                 

     $99 and we are in Charlotte NC! Call us to find out more! After initial consultation affordable monthly rates customized to your needs. Get better customized solutions with the consultation! Turn your credit around. Be certain with our help. We know what lenders are looking for on your reports. Call now.

     Get your credit scores up with certified educational credit help!

     We do the difficult work for you that bring the bottom line results! 

     A 100 point increase could save you thousands! Join the thousands who have!


    Fact: Improve Credit Consulting Firm has surpassed its 25 million dollar mark for total savings given our customers this includes mortgages and car loans. Your point increase directly affects your interest and principal payments. Invest in your credit scores it pays you back. 


    Custom programs designed for your specific needs, what's really important to you? Read our testimonies page more below. 


     What Makes us Unique: Why Choose us?  I'm sure you have heard by now that credit repair companies are fraudulent! In most cases, they are; especially companies that promise to remove accurate information, while promising you a credit score increase of 100+ points. Be aware that many credit repair companies do not care to educate you about credit restoration, and many of them make false promises. Most charge upfront fees and keep you in their programs for over 2 years while nothing is getting worked on. Improve Credit Consulting Firm is here to prove that credit consulting organizations are not all fraudulent , and truly believe credit restoration is possible for everyone.We have become a leader in credit consulting for companies and for the average consumer. Regardless of your past credit we know we can help you. We are the perfect appointment with 20+yrs of experience. We are located in the Charlotte NC area. Praise worthy by our local news media due to a great track record and our commitment to ethical behavior. Read more below!

    Honest testimonials-

    ~I contacted Improve Credit Consulting Firm because I was in desperate need of help and I'm so glad I did! Improve Credit is great to work with, they stayed with me all the way through.  They helped me improve my credit, get out of debt, and even helped all the way through to me getting pre-qualified for a home loan.   I definitely would not be in such a good position without her help.  Hiring Improve Credit was the smartest thing I have done for my credit in years.....Thanks Improve Credit! -Ben Hammonds


    ~Improve Credit Consulting Firm does what no one else can or has the time to do. They are 100% committed to repairing my credit. The staff completely understood the magnitude of the task and because of their diligence and experience, they get the job done. I would 100% recommend Improve Credit if you’re looking to get control of your credit when the credit scoring system makes new changes to determine credit worthiness.
    William Ryan
    Owner of Clean Catch Fish


    It has been a pleasure working with Improve Credit and Wanda. She is very knowledgable of credit issues. She helped my husband and I raise our credit scores in 6 months. We highly recommend her for all your credit issues. 

    Mr and Mrs Gwendolyn Johnson

    • We have saved over 25 million dollars for our customers!

    • Bottom Line your points go up and you save hundreds of thousands of dollars over loan term this includes houses and car payments!




    Voted #1 in customer service in the Carolinas

    Fact: 1 out 3 credit reports are so inaccurate the consumer is denied credit. Don't deny the power of credit; good credit saves you thousands of dollars in interest payments and lowers your monthly payment.

    Do it yourself doesn't do it for yourself.    Everyone says I can do it myself? Why do I need you?

    Why do it yourself and end up frustrated? With all the information about do it yourself credit repair why doesn't everyone scores go up? The simple reason is most advice is wrong. Yes, we said it! Wrong, it doesn't work for everyone, due to the fact your situation is very different from someone elses credit. We provide the true education during your consultation that you deserve, not some automated system. We give you this because this is what your going to need to maintain those scores once they go up. We even know how to build your credit the right way for the long run not some quick worthless scam. The benefit is good to excellent credit for lower interest rates on houses, cars, refinancement, advancement in employment opportunities.How long does it take? It could take 6 months up to a year it could be sooner again your situation is different, this is why we give you a custom plan that google is not going to tell you, or some free book is going offer you either. The point is getting quality help so you can buy down the road and still have good to excellent credit. We give you a commitment to follow up with you every year to check how your doing. This is because we care about you and we don't charge you for the call. 

    Our Approach:

    Each customer is assigned to a credit consultant from start to finish. The consultation alone will allow the client to know the exact process of their credit program. Before the program begins the file will be examined by the owner, and founder of the company for best results. You will not be just another number within our company, but handled with the utmost respect and honor. We are the best, and are the only company that takes this approach. We will then teach you how to properly manage your credit, and your finances.

    1. Consultation

    Pulling a “soft pull” credit report with all three bureaus. Explaining the factors that affect your credit score. Reviewing each account, and explaining your rights as a consumer in order to improve your credit and increase your score. Preparing a plan of action for your credit restoration process. Within this process we will thoroughly explain your legal rights as a consumer.

    2. The Dispute Program

    We will review the accuracy of your debts. Anything that is incomplete, unverifiable, and outdated will be disputed with the bureaus for validation. The most common mistakes are as follows: re-aging accounts, collecting on a debt that is over the statue of limitation, collecting on a debt that is unverifiable, and creating more then one account for the same debt. Knowing these facts will allow us to explain to you your rights as a consumer and give you solutions for these issues. This process alone can increase your score from 10 up to 20 points per account.

    3. The Debt Negotiation Program

    Did you know that when you negotiate on a derogatory debt that you can potentially decrease your score from 10 up to 20 points per transaction. That is why it is imperative that you understand this process, and have an expert explain to you how to take this approach and see great results. Any account that is negotiated for payment will re-age the account. Derogatory accounts that belong to the consumer, and are paid will remain on the report for 7 years from the date of last payment. Be aware of companies that promise to remove this debt once payment is received.

    4. The Debt Management Program

    We will create a plan of action with your active accounts. This program is an important tool to help you get the best results with your creditors and establish a plan to get out of debt. Have you ever asked yourself this important question, “How long will it take me to get out of debt from a credit card balance of $10,000 with an Annual Percentage Rate of 19%?” Did you know that it will take you 24 years to get out of debt if you keep making payments every month! That is why this program will be essential to your goal of becoming debt free, with your best interest in mind!

    5. Identity Theft Protection Program

    Did you know that 1 out of 3 consumers are a victim of identity theft? Most of us have no idea that we are victims of a perpetrator. This program will protect your identity immediately and educate you on the steps to experiencing financial freedom! Most victims do not know where to start with this type of service. We will make sure that you are well prepared while providing the education needed to insure results. This will allow you to experience results in a shorter period of time once you are assigned to a credit restoration professional. Once your credit report is revealing accurate information you will be well on your way to experiencing security with your identity and your credit reports.

    6. Loan Modification Education~No upfront fees~

    If you are behind with your mortgage payments, then our Loan Modification program will assist you this process. We will thoroughly review your debt vs. your income and prepare an outstanding package for you in order to save your home. Loan Modification programs were established by the federal government and the mortgage industry in order to stop home foreclosure. We will analyze your lender’s loan mitigation policies, our professional loan modification department will educate you about your lender to get you the best possible solution to your home foreclosure problem. We can help you save your home and credit history through a variety of loan Modification options. 



    Certified help is huge key to your success.


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