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    Credit Restoration Of North Carolina


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    Improve credit consulting Firm offers "The Best Home Buying Program"

    This starts for you when you understand the credit scoring system.
    Giving you the most from our research analysis is what we want to talk about
    Repairing your own credit is hard we know that,  we help thousands get better results.
    The credit scoring model is purchased by creditors, and lenders. Fico scoring model selects a random sample of customers’ credit report profile or a sample of similar customers’ credit report profile, if their sample is not large enough then it analyzes statistically to identify characteristics that relate to creditworthiness.
    Each factor is assigned a weight based on how strong a predictor it is of credit risk.  These are a sample of weight based risk factors:
    • Payment History
    • Amounts Owed
    • Length of Credit History
    • New Credit
    • Mixture of Credit
    Each creditor or lender may use its own credit scoring model, or may even use a generic model developed by the credit scoring company. A credit scoring model awards points for each of these factors to help predict the likelihood of repaying a debt, taking control of how much is borrowed, and establishing a good payment history pattern. A description of these credit scores can vary from 300 up to 850. Did you know that only 10% of the population have an 800 score or above? This credit scoring method is a snap shot of what creditors, and lenders are basing their approval process.  Before applying for credit or a loan talk to a Credit Card Company or Lender and ask questions regarding their credit score requirements. This will prepare you for their credit or lending services.  
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