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    Is Luxury Home buying credit requirements going up?Credit Repair Charlotte NC








     When buying a Luxury Home did you know that a 60 point increase in your credit score can save you more then 300,000 dollars over the life of your loan?

    Reviews for companies that do this, fall short unless the companies are following the Laws

    Lets review this together, Here is a list of what cheap credit repair services do everyday

    1.Credit Repair Lawyers who advertise first work fee scams

    Lawyers now are the worst at doing credit repair hands down. They believe that poor customer service is the way clients should be treated in this industry and have lead many to believe that scams exists because the results are below the accountability standards.  Since they know the law they really don't take it upon themselves to work with others to help solve the home buying challeges of our time. Real Credit helps starts one on one not through a call center employee who hates there Job and has to be there answering phone calls. They charge first work fee scams which is borderline upfront fees and place you in a computer program with a number attached to it. It turns your needs into another number which means nothing to helping you long term with educating you.

    2. Real Estate Agents

    There are now a ton of real estate agents that work hard to help the real estate market grow and get buyers into properties they can afford along with sellers who want to sell there homes as fast as possible. Most Real Estate Agents take a 4 hours course on credit repair and believe they now know what it takes to help everyone. Unfortunately every person's credit report is different and requires extensive research into the credit scoring system. To completely help someone's credit score to go up and stay up requires education on the part of the company to help maintain the credit score once it goes up. Real estate agents help handle the stress of home buying and selling, they are there to making sure everyone is happy in the process but if you ask them how they help with 

    3.Lenders/ Banks

    They do things the quick way by using rapid rescore or some other computer software to help others to change credit scores. Most of these attempt undermine the credit scoring system and FICO has placed certain safeguards recently around credit score manipulation efforts by lenders. Real Credit Repair can take up to 6 months or up to a year due to the way the credit scoring system calculates your score and updates its records. Help from your lender is not the best way to go you need one on one help from honest credit consultants who take the time to communicate regularly about what your next steps are in the process. 

    3.Do it yourself credit repair 

    For some reason the common belief is that most people can fix there own credit themselves. The only problem with this is understanding how to do this without harming themselves. More home closings have fallen through because someone working on there own credit fell short of the lender requirements. Years ago lenders never checked credit scores at the end of the loan process before the closing now they are. Blaming the lender is not the answer due to stricter lender requirements placed on them. You need an expert that sees what needs to be completed and works hard to complete it for you. If you obtain your credit report you can contact the bureaus and your creditors to provide them with information but it is a very time consuming event. Most creditors don't respond to average consumers and if they do they give them the run around. To get accounts settled that are overdue they will attempt many tactics to get you to pay them. This is where an expert at negoiating is worth every penny. 

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