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    Real Estate Golden Partnerships
    • True Testimonials:
    As a real estate broker with several years
    in the industry, I have had my share of
    dealings with “credit repair” companies –
    both large and small.  While there are
    some that are legitimate, there are others
    that take advantage of those they are claiming to
    help.  As a result, I was hesitant in recommending my
    clients to any credit repair company and utilized the
    help of mortgage lenders instead.  Depending on the
    circumstances, I soon realized lender’s ability/advice
    regarding credit repair was limited.
    Luckily, someone recommended Improve Credit
    Consulting Firm to me as I was looking for an honest 
    company that will look out for the best interest of my
    clients since I treat my clients how I want to be
    treated. While hesitant at first due to past experiences,
    I soon found that trust with Improve Credit Consulting
    Firm. This testimonial comes with first-hand experience
    on partnering with  Wanda and Jeff as we have
    successfully housed our clients.  From my observation,
    they not only helped clients restore their credit but
    also educated them in the process. They have always
    treated my clients in a professional manner and most
    importantly, they have provided results.

    Benefits of Partnerships: 

    • Closing fallouts
    • Working on multiple closings and need an expert to communicate, educate the client. (Improve client retention) 
    • Real estate industry omissions ( it happens) proactive team building with us helps 100% of the time.